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How can I stop my rabbit from eating cables around the house?

I don't want my rabbit to be kept outside but I may be forced to if he doesn't stop eating all the wires around the house! Obviously I try to keep them out of reach from him but somtimes thats just not possible.How can I stop my rabbit from eating cables around the house?
First off, try eucalyptus oil.

Not cheap stuff, find a bottle of 100% euc oil and use a cotton bud to apply it to all the wires, edges of curtains and whatever he/she is chewing. You should reapply this every few week.

If this doesn't work, go to your local per store and ask what products they have. Look for a bitter lime spray or something like that.

Thirdly, try to block your rabbits access to the cables, with a barrier, by taping the cables up high on the walls or something like that.

Most importantly, it sounds to me like your rabbit is bored. Does he/she have toys to play with. Rabbits love to toss things, small soft toys, different toys made if string that can chew. Try to provide entertainment inn the form of cardboard boxes, sand trays to dig in, egg cartons to chew on and wood chews.

Your local pet store may have something suitable, but many pet stores don't cater for small animals. Bird toys are also ideal, particularly fruit scewers which can be hung with some carrot and the like on them from different places around the house.

There are many places on the internet where such toys can be purchased as well.How can I stop my rabbit from eating cables around the house?
y its in the house at first
get an indoor rabbit hutch?
Move the cables out of the rabbit's reach. We weren't successful at getting our rabbit to stop - and he must have been shocked more than a few times. We were worried about a house fire so we put him in a hutch.
If you could surround the cables with a cardboard tube from tp or paper towels maybe the rabbit couldn't bite them. Just cut a slit in the tube from one end to the other and then slip it over several wires. You could even paint the tube to match the decor.
Rabbits like to chew. They have to because their teeth are constantly growing. Does your bunny have lots of *yes* things to chew on? You can't keep telling him/her *no* to one thing,but not *YES* to this other wonderful thing you'd like them to chew on. Make sure your bunny has lots of toys and plenty of things to chew on. Bored bunnies find ways to entertain themselves. You might also want to limit cords. IE: Change your corded phone to cordless. Also find aesthetically pleasing ways of blocking said bunny from crawling behind your t.v. and going to town on things that probably look like nice tall grass. Bitter apple works for some. (Did not work on my Flower who thinks cardboard is the greatest thing ever invented ). You just have to find the things that work. It's trial and error,but never smack your bunny. It'll grow to fear and dislike you. And if your bunny is alone a lot maybe you ought to find him/her a friend. They are social and like to be around other bunnies. If none of that works try housing your bunny in a spacious cage or pen while you are out of the house and let them roam when you are there to watch.
Try sprinkling crushed red pepper around them, a few other options that might work would be mothballs or bleach this will also help keep out things such as spiders and snakes
They make a spray for your cords you can buy at pet store to avoid the chewing
I don't know if this will work or not as my bunny found a new home. When discussing with someone about why bunny had to find a new home, ( as in big time cable-chewer, especially telephone cords), I was advised that they want the salt which apparently we sweat from our hands on to much used cable/cords. Good Luck.
rabbit stew is good, no serriously i got a rabbit well its my lil brothers but it craps all over the house so its in a cage. but one of these day the little furballs gonna up and run away. lol.
You could buy that bitter apple spray stuff to spray on the wires. It's supposed to work for puppies - I assume it would have the same effect on bunnies!
You should wrap split loom cable around them and spray it with bitter apple or rub ivory soap on it.
i have ferrets that were chewing on things and wat works on them, might work on rabbits..try using a gentle bitter spray..they sell a bitter apple spray that works for puppies and other small animals chewing on things..spray the wires with it and see if that helps
Don't worry, once he makes his way through his first cable, you'll be rest assured he wont be eating any more cables.
hit him with a stick
make soup out of him
hid them if they can be run along the wall an hide under the carpet thats what we did we even have some ran up the corner wall to keep them out of their reach its hard to do they even ate the wood trim by my doors so i now only let them have free run if im home an i put a baby gate up to keep them in one room an we chose the one they were less likely to get harmed in an let them play .. good luck you could try chew toys thats what the vet told us to try but it didnt work for me
Remington 870...They are reasonably priced at most Wal-Marts as are the required shells.
we had a house rabbit, came home one day and noticed that his whiskers were curly, he had chewed several electrical wires and tried to burn the carpet

then he also ate thru a closet door, ate a new set of luggage and my new leather coat, then he found a new home
Plastic water pipes. You can buy them at any home improvement store, and they are cheap. You can cut them to length
If pulling them off the floor doesn't help you can do two things:

1 - Protect them so your bunny can't get to them. Here is a link that explains a process

and you get get

2 - block the access. We use 24'; exercise pens and NIC panels to block off spaces where the bunnnies shouldn't go. It doesn't do much for decorating, but is safe.

I guess one more idea is to limit your bunny to one very well bunny proofed home.

You can go to鈥?/a>

for more ideas on rabbit proofing your home.
Why don't you put your rabbit in a cage. But still give him a time to go out of that cage.
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