Friday, May 14, 2010

Why is my rabbit burrowing in the garden?

Okay, so our rabbit goes outside in a run during the day and underneath her outside cage she's dug a massive hole. She's just turned one year old and this is the first time she's done it. She's been doing it for about a week and she's got pretty far. Does anyone know why she's just started doing it and why she's doing it?

ThanksWhy is my rabbit burrowing in the garden?
She is either trying to make a home burrow or she is trying to get out of her run.Why is my rabbit burrowing in the garden?
If you look at wild rabbits this is how they naturally live - in burrows. It is just instinct. She feels safe in a burrow and she should be okay as long as she is protected from other predators.

My rabbit made a burrow all the way to the other side of the fence and escaped though.
This is simply because it is a natural instinct! Bunnies love to dig! It keep their nails and teeth healthy! I put my bunny in a giant cardboard box and let her dig and scratch or I take her outside and let her play in the dirt. This is completely normal of your rabbit!
Rabbits love to dig and burrow, even domesticated ones. My bunny is an indoor bunny, and when she's out to play I set up a plastic stool with a towel over it...she loves to tunnel under it and hide in there and dig at the towel.
Rabbits naturally burrow
it cant burrow through concrete
It's a rabbit.....that's what they do.

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