Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why does my rabbit make a grunting noise?

I have read that rabbits will grunt when angry or frightened, but my rabbit doesn't do this. Instead, he will grunt when nobody is petting him, or he's not getting any attention. He'll lay on the ground and grunt, but as soon as someone comes over to pet him, he stops, like he was doing it just to get our attention. Has anyone ever heard of a rabbit doing this?Why does my rabbit make a grunting noise?
Yes, rabbits make a very soft grunting noise to show affection - you're lucky, you're his favourite human ;-) - it sounds as if your little boy is communicating with you. Have a browse of this fantastic site to learn more about interpreting bunny behaviour -鈥?/a>

Enjoy!Why does my rabbit make a grunting noise?
My rabbit does it when she cleans herself......strange?!?
I've got two rabbits and they'll grunt when they're pissed at something. Your rabbit may just be upset that he's not getting the attention he wants. So yeah, I think he's just doing it for attention. Also, rabbits don't like loud noises or sudden movements - it scares them. Is your rabbit kept in a 'quiet' area? If he is in a heavy traffic area like a rec room or in a yard that has alot of kids running and screaming, or if there's a loud barking dog close by, it may be that the activity/noise levels are too much for your bunny, try moving him to a quieter area.
Needs more fiber in his diet so things flow more smoothly.
This seems kinda normal. Perhaps you should consider getting him a spayed girlfriend so he doesn't feel so lonely.
Usually when it's in pain. Get it checked out
O.k, first of all, I use to own about 5 rabbits (for real-no kidding), and I am now officially a rabbit queen, because I love and care for them. I know why your rabbit is making a grunting noise, it is because rabbits get lonely, and don't know what to do, you should try to get down on the floor and brush him with a small comb or something similar. Also, if you really are being bugged by this behavior, it could be because your rabbit has nothing to look at, put some pillows, and or obstacles on the ground around your rabbit, so he/she has something to do. Your rabbit will love you for this!:) If you have any more ?'s about rabbits, please let

Alyssa W. know ASAP!
Oh, heck yes. Rabbits grunt. They also can scream when in pain. Grunting is just the normal ';chit-chat';.

Rabbits also may develop an affection toward a pillow, stuffed animal, or other household pet. My rabbit has started trying to hump my 50 pound dog (who is not happy about it). I'm thinking I may have to get out the video camera and send it to AFV. (Or maybe they'd find it to risque?)
My bunny did this until he was neutered. I think they get excited.
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