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What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a rabbit?

i have a parrot now and I'm going to buy a rabbit. are they good animals?what's the difference between males and females?What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a rabbit?
There is sooo much to know about rabbits, and they are very different from other small animals. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but is endlessly rewarding and heartwarming...I can really just give you enough info to get started.

Rabbits do poop a lot, but can be litter box-trained. They should be kept indoors as hutches do not keep them safe from predators (which can jump fences) and the elements. They are social and territorial creatures, as in the wild they live in warrens with other rabbits.

Rabbits eat mostly hay, also pellets and fresh veggies. They should only have fruits in very small amounts (if at all) as they have highly-sensitive digestive systems.

Your home must be bunny-proofed by covering all electrical cords with PVC/tubing and keeping plants off the floor. One of the most frustrating bunny behaviors is that they like to dig and chew, especially carpet and wood molding. You can get a product called ';bitter apple'; to deter this, as well as giving them cardboard or seagrass to play with. They like to play with hard plastic baby toys, jump in the air, and race around. They show affection by licking and nudging their face against you.

Characteristics differ by breed, generally the smaller they are (i.e. dwarfs) the less social and more feisty. The same is true of females, regardless of the breed. So if you want an affectionate lap rabbit, your best bet is a male medium to large one (NOT the white ones, which can be aggressive). Keep in mind as well that these are general guidelines and will vary based on the animal. My first bunn was a male Dutch and was the sweetest ever. A Dutch or American would make a good first rabbit.

Check out these sites, they are the most complete you will find online for info on rabbits. Become very well-educated on rabbits BEFORE you decide to get one, as they have requirements and challenges unlike those of any other animal. One of the most crucial things I can tell you is that rabbits, if well-cared for, live from 7-10 years, contrary to popular they are definately a long-term commitment. Good luck and God bless. are the advantages and disadvantages of having a rabbit?
Pretty much what Mr. Anonymous said.

I once had around 18 rabbits (Too many to count to be honest)

They were all mini lops and are very easy to care for.

They just need there hutches cleared out regularly,

they don't like being with other animals, or rabbits (unless its a rabbit of the other gender).

And if short-haired they don't need to be groomed as often as long hairs.

Also, they don't eat huge amounts of food. and sleep for most of the day. and night. They need around 1-3 hours exercise a day.

And don't mind being outside during cold, or wet weather.

Males don't eat as much as females, and IMHO are easier to care for.

And they're the best animals ever, because they don't take up to much of your time.

Hope that helps. :)
rabbits are really good animals if you care for them correctly and give them lots of attention. females can get a bit stressy when its there gestation time. rabbit and easy to care for, short haired ones dont need so much brushing, but they still need a bit, long haired ones need more attention or their coats will get matted. you can litter train them aswell, if you dont want them going to the toilet absolutely everywhere, all you have to do is get a rabbit litter tray, put some of their soiled litter in it and then they should go in their after a while. hope this helps a little.
i recently got a rabbit for my little sister. they are nice animals require a lot of cleaning up in the hutch and do poo a lot!

dwarf rabbits can be scrabby like and not very friendly. Lopeareds are very large and a lion-head which i got requires a lot of grooming which they enjoy and get use to.

rabbits don't need much caring for they prefer to be left alone. if there is frost and rain etc. the rabbit will be very happy to stay outside in the hutch.

goodluck and enjoy.
DONT GET A RABBIT IF YOUR NOT PREPARED FOR HARD WORK !!! trust me ive learnt the hard way ...

i begged and begged my dad to get me a rabbit and when i actually did get one i couldnt wait for it to run away or die...

it was like the more i feed it the more it wanted more food ...

it only loved to eat and eat ... wouldnt let me get any where near it !!!

i was sooo sad :(

well as you might of guessed the more it ate the more it pooped and grew fatter -

it was also not so good with my poor little kitten ... it used to sit on the kitten and have massive claw fights with it ...

a parrots care is nothing compared to a rabbits - it can realy turn into a massive hassel !!!

but hay that was just my rabbit experience ... the rabbit you get might be the totally opposite to how mine was !!!

ohh and remember that males are more aggresive then females !!!
this link has the pros and cons of most pets..鈥?/a>

this link has neat rabbit info鈥?/a>

no difference between males and females as far as behavior goes, but Males MIGHT spray if not neutered

ALWAYS check shelters for pet bunnies first.. pet stores LAST!!!

Try the english angora rabbit, they are big as the cat and have very long ears lop. also the mickey mouse and holland lop.

The example picture of the english angora.



This one is the mickey mouse.鈥?/a>

and this one is the holland lop.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Note : I ever had the rabbits and when they get pragnant, they will bite their own hair to make the bed for their babies.

Please help with mine :;鈥?/a>
We used to have a rabbit. She was really sweet, easy to care for. The only thing was cleaning the cage which wasn't so fun.

I would go with some small rodent. They tend to be easier to care for than the larger ones :]
You won't see the disadvantages after you own a rabbit because you'll be in love with it
male rabbits can be more aggressive than females and they are larger. rabbits make good pets but they are very high matainance. so think before you buy one :)

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