Friday, May 14, 2010

What breed of rabbit is the sweetest and fairly small?

I want a Flemish Giant, but I can't get one that big. But what is the friendliest and most affectionate small rabbit breed?What breed of rabbit is the sweetest and fairly small?
Netherland dwarfs, lops %26amp; mini lops%26lt;3What breed of rabbit is the sweetest and fairly small?
Rabbits in general aren't cuddely creatures, but my Netherland Dwarf loves to sit on my chest and watch TV. . .it is the funniest thing!

I disagree with the post that said that Netherland Dwarf are ';nasty';! Granted I only have one but I have a friend that has one as well. My girl isn't as laid back as the male that my friend has but she doesn't mind being held and loves playing with different toys. She is a massive 2 lbs. 7 oz. and is also larger than the male who weighs 1 lb. 9 oz.

She requires little to no grooming other than the occasional nail trim and there is very little shedding. Her fur is very soft, thought I have to admit that the Mini Rex has fur softer than any other rabbit I have ever felt.

Check out House Rabbit Society for breed information and Yahoo! has a great pet group called Etherbun. Both of these sites have been very helpful to me!

Good Luck!
Most of the lop breeds are easy going. The smaller lops are fuzzy lops and holland lops.

Don't like floppy ears? Then try for a mini rex. They're are velvet furred and get about 4 lbs as adults, and are usually easy going.

If you don't mind long haired bunnies, Jersey Wooly's are super calm and small.
I love mini rex's. They are friendly, compact, and SO SOFT!!
The smallest is the Netherland Dwarf but they can have very nasty, aggressive personalities.

A great small rabbit is the Mini Rex. They weigh about 4 pounds when full grown. They like being held and they have great fur. They also require very little grooming

You can check out all the breeds recognized by the ARBA on their website.

Good luck finding a pet rabbit. Please do not buy a rabbit in a petstore. Find a breeder near you to purchase from. You can also find rabbit shows near you on the ARBA site.

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