Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What are different ways to put down a rabbit?

Just earlier a family friend came to check my rabbit and said it would cost too much to take to the vet. So they said they're gonna have to force the rabbit to take pills.

Come on now if your going to force a rabbit to take some death pills you might as well choke it...Not that I'd want it to happen but isn't there another way besides that?What are different ways to put down a rabbit?
I can't think of a better way than the pills.

The rabbit will just go to sleep and not wake

up or suffer.What are different ways to put down a rabbit?
I think this is sick people should not have pets if they cant afford vets bills.Think b4 you get a pet I have 2 rabbitts a dog and 2 budgies if I could not afford to have them put down at the vets I wouldnt have had them.

bashing it against a wall..?

seriously don't you think you should go to the vet..?
Ummmm I wouldnt Id let it die naturally WHO'D BREAK A RABBITS NECK!!
Cervical dislocation was used for years to ';dispatch'; rabbits.

(that is breaking it's neck)

There is also the ';bleeding out'; method. That is commonly used in rabbits that are being used for food. You cna't eat an animal that has been euthanized with drugs!!!!!!!

You know, it is pretty difficult to pill a rabbit...stresses them out pretty good too.
I would get a second opinion before you do anything else. Yes, vets can be very expensive. However, you may be better off talking to a rabbit breeder, who may be to give you additional solutions without euthanasia.

Many vets do not have experience in dealing with rabbits. However, a person that has been breeding rabbits for years can give you some valuable incite.

I won't go into much detail but you may want to do a search for rabbit culling. This will generally lead to discussions on how to humanly put a rabbit down. The best way is to break the rabbits neck. But hopefully you will be able to see your rabbit get better rather than taking this step.

Good luck!
What a load of rubbish - you cannot force pills down a rabbits throat. What exactly is wrong with the rabbit? If you cannot afford to take it to the vet then you shouldn't have a pet, I hope someone reports you and your friend to the RSPCA. The poor bunny has been your pet for god knows how long and you repay him by killing him in the worst possible way, evil鈥?/a>

hope this helps
wow...sounds so cruel...but i guess i dont really know the situation too well so i wont judge...

what is actually wrong with the rabbit? cos your friend could be wrong... often, animals actually pull through different illnesses n injuries...youd be surprised how strong they can be... then again it may die...but atleast it would be natural rather than being murdered..i say you should keep it comfortable n give it alot of love in its final hours, as a good pet onwner n family member...not end its life cos of money..but thats ust my opinion..i just hope you dont do somthing tat will pain the bunny.

n have you actually inquired about seeing a vet? asked the clinic how much theyd charge? it might not be as expensive as all that... for your rabbits sake, atleast check it out.
FFS! Take it to the PDSA or the like! I've just been reading some of the answers and OH! what a sick bunch you are!!
That sounds awfully cruel to me. If you can't afford a veterinary visit, take the rabbit to the humane society.
take it to a rescue instead if you cant afford the bill, cruel otherwise
vet is best a least you will no its done properly and its less painless by a vet and it shouldn't cost to much for a rabbit or you can let some do it but you dont know how much pain that rabbit might go though especially if not done properly so i would say vet
Lethal injection. It's the kindest and quickest way.

Pills? who is your vet. Mengele?
Why did your friend say it would cost to much at the vets be a decent human being and take it so it passes peacefully
This has got to be an absolute wind up? If its not can you post your home address so that i can pick up your rabbit and take it for proper vet treatment and on the way out i'll hit you with a heavy object, hoping that it'll break your f*****g neck, save another poor animal being owned by you and your weird family! It's a pet for f**k's sake, not a hare on a course!

For goodness sake, I can't understand why some people have animals when they are not prepared to look after their well being. The RSPCA will take it off your hands and either find it a home if it's well or put it down humanely. Please don't be cruel to it by trying yourself. it could go through torture if anything goes wrong.

I'm horrified by your question.

You don't explain why you want to kill the rabbit. Is it unwell?

I know you say you haven't got the money but please make every effort to take the rabbit to the vet for a proper examination. Let the vet put it to sleep if it is necessary or get the treatment.

If you try to kill the rabbit yourself it could get messy. You will have to live with that memory.

I read again and again on Yahoo Answers, questions from people that say they can't afford to take their animal to the vet. They haven't got enough money.

True, vets ARE expensive (maybe even more so in the States than in the UK) and I don't know the person's situation. Maybe they don't know where the next meal comes from.

But sometimes it can be a question of prioritising. Maybe instead of buying the latest gadget or fashion accessory I have to buy medication for my pet. Instead of going to that club or gig, I have to go to the vet with my pet.

Most of the time we DO find money for the things that REALLY matter to us.

It's not fair to obtain a pet and not make provision for its welfare, that includes financial.

Well I can talk all I want and may never persuade you. I just feel really sorry for your rabbit.

Please let us know what you decided to do in the end.

would not kill the rabbit ----- unless it needed to be euthanised for good reason ....

AS FOR YOU ???? WELL maybe
break its neck
yes a hard blow from a blunt object behind it's ears
there are 2 ways 1st a hard blow to the back of the neck, and i mean hard so it dosnt suffer, or the best and quickest is hold it at he back of the neck , put the heel of your hand under its chin , and in 1 hard forcefull move push its head backwards to snap it , it may twitch awhlie, thats its nerves

dont hit with a brick or try to drown that is a slow painfull death
Enrol yourself on a parachuting course and when you go up in the plane for your first jump take the rabbit with you and fling it out of the window.
Grip it`s back near the tail, it well go ridged, then hard sharp crack at the back of head near neck, but 1 hard wack!..

Money is not an issue, there are FREE surgeries that will do it just ring RSPCA and ask.

Ask a vet for a death juice injection, state you dont want disposal and see if you can get cheaper. Also my vet friend tells me sometimes they will inject on a promisery note that you will pay.

IF it was healthy rabbit, BUT ITS NOT, Id suggest splitting stomach removing bladder whole without leaking snap back legs then pull skin alway off, chop into strips with machette bung it inna pot with nettles salt +others and an oxo.

Thats all i can think bout lol............................
let it die naturally. the vet's the best, but if you can't, crush up the pills in it's food.

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